Find out about Employer Branding Awareness Week 2019

All you need to know about Employer Branding Awareness Week 2019

The very first Employer Branding Awareness Week will be launched by employer branding agency, Wonderful Workplaces, on 10-16 June 2019. Find out what it’s all about and how you can get involved.

What is employer branding and why does it matter?

‘Employer branding is a useful tool to help organisations differentiate what they offer in the labour market, and recruit, retain and engage the people they need to succeed’. (CIPD)

The power of employer branding is gaining pace across multiple sectors as more employers realise the importance of highlighting their company culture and benefits in order to attract top talent.

In fact, 94% of candidates would consider an employer’s brand when applying for jobs, 45% of passive job seekers would apply for a job if it was to work for an amazing brand*, and companies with a great employer brand are seeing a 50% reduction in cost per hire.**

Gone are the days of posting a job advert and hoping the applications flood in. And gone are the days when beanbags in the boardroom counts as ‘looking after your staff’. So what are you doing in your workplace to make it a ‘wonderful workplace’ for both current employees and future ones?

How to get involved with Employer Branding Awareness Week #EBAWeek

Employer Branding Awareness Week is a time to celebrate those companies going the extra mile to create wonderful workplaces. Or if you’re only just starting to look at your employer brand, your journey begins here.

Is your organisation or team doing lots of great things but not communicating it enough? Do you know how candidates perceive your organisation as a place to work? How can you position your organisation as an exciting place to work?

Book a free consultation

Book a free 10-minute one-to-one consultation with employer branding agency, Wonderful Workplaces, at the Festival of Work in Olympia, London, on 12 or 13 June, or arrange a call back. Email: wonderfulworkplaces@haymarket.com.

Competition: Win a free Wonderful Workplaces article

Send us a short (20-second approx) video clip about what makes your workplace wonderful, for a chance to win a 500-word Wonderful Workplaces Q&A article showcasing your organisation as a great place to work. Email wonderfulworkplaces@haymarket.com or tweet us @Wworkplaces #EBAWeek

The top 10 clips may feature in one or more of the following places: Haymarket Media Group’s specialist sector sites, www.wonderfulworkplaces.co.uk, www.employerbrandingawarenessweek.co.uk, one of our social media channels.

Attend our free Employer Branding Masterclass: 11:15-11:45am, 13 June

On day 2 of Festival of Work (13 June), Wonderful Workplaces will deliver a free employer branding masterclass, uncovering key insights from its candidate research and highlighting case study examples to help you make an impact with your employer brand. The free learning session takes place on the Talent, Skills and Capabilities stage on day 2 of the Festival of Work, Olympia, London.


To discuss your employer branding or recruitment marketing requirements, call Wonderful Workplaces on 020 8267 5576 or email wonderfulworkplaces@haymarket.com / www.wonderfulworkplaces.co.uk

*2019 Employer Branding Insights Report

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