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Creative approaches to recruitment advertising

Going the extra mile to recruit the talent you need

Gone are the days of posting a job listing on a job board and hoping the applications flood in. So how can you stand out from the crowd and build an employer brand that attracts the best?

Employer branding is of paramount importance when hiring due to the economy being so reliant on talent. This has led to a candidate-driven market where competition for the top talent is fierce across most, if not all, sectors.

Consider more creative approaches to recruitment

The importance of a strong brand in hiring talent is underlined by the soon-to-be-launched Wonderful Workplaces research that will reveal that 94% of jobseekers said they took an employer’s brand into consideration when applying for jobs. Gone are the days when slapping a job description up on a jobs board would be enough to find the perfect candidate. The explosion of content and social media has meant that employers are becoming increasingly creative about how they target prospective employees.

Simplify the process for candidates 

In a candidate-driven market, if you’re not making it easy for candidates to apply for your roles and find out about your company culture, your competitors may well be. Is that something you’re prepared to risk in such a tough war for talent? Make sure your application form or process is no longer than it needs to be. Make sure your job adverts sell your company with the right, honest, messages that will attract the sort of people who will thrive in your organisation. Don’t just list a load of requirements you seek from them.

Offer insider insight

Harness the power of content and social media to communicate what it’s like to work in your organisation – anything from videos made by your employees to thought leadership and Q&A articles published on your website, as well as publications and other channels that your prospective candidates are using. Video is a powerful way of engaging with time poor candidates. You can create rough and ready 360° videos of your office or interviews with employees to give candidates an audiovisual insight into your organisation’s culture.

The onus is not just on HR and in-house recruiters

Everyone in your organisation should have some responsibility for recruiting the right people. Do you feel that there should be a greater onus on hiring managers and senior stakeholders within the business? Why not find the top fans of your business  – these could well be your ‘low hanging fruit hires’.

Looking for creative ideas on how to build your employer brand? Get in touch with Wonderful Workplaces on wonderfulworkplaces@haymarket.com to have an initial chat or arrange a free one-to-one consultation at The Festival of Work in Olympia on 12-13 June 2019.

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